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Home Catalog A Moment In Time (DVD)
A Moment In Time (DVD)
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A Moment In Time (DVD)
Shot in Amsterdam and other key cities in Paris, A Moment In Time shares the romantic and emotional journey of Patrick and Jillian, who both sought for true love and tried hard to hold on to it. But just when they thought that there's happily ever after, they would discover that something could always shatter a seemingly perfect fairytale. Does everyone get that second chance to recreate that moment when you found your one true love?
Format  DVD
Director  Manny Palo
Categories  A-E, Drama, Romance
Movie Time  Unknown
Language  English Subtitles, Tagalog
Multi-angle  N
Release Date  04/24/2013
Starring  Cherie Gil, Coco Martin, Ella Cruz, Gabby Concepcion, Julia Montes, Zsa Zsa
Regular Price:  $25.95
Brand New Price:  $20.95
Stock Availability In Stock - Usually Ships in 24 hours
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