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Home Catalog Aishite Imasu (Mahal Kita) 1941 (DVD)
Aishite Imasu (Mahal Kita) 1941 (DVD)
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Aishite Imasu (Mahal Kita) 1941 (DVD)
San Nicolas, present day. The Mayor (TONY MABESA) wants to know why there are two women named “Inya” in the town's history books who deserve to be honored for their courage during World War II. A mysterious old lady (ANITA LINDA) tells him what she knows… It's December 1941, and the simple folk of the quiet town of San Nicolas are unaware that war is nearly upon them. Inya (JUDY ANN SANTOS) is a lovely young lady who has just married childhood sweetheart Edilberto (RAYMART SANTIAGO), and they're excited about starting a family. Ignacio (DENNIS TRILLO) is Inya's best friend, a gay man who has been in love with the handsome Edilberto for years. The arrival of the Japanese throws the town into chaos. A high-ranking officer named Ichiru (JAY MANALO) sees Ignacio dressed as a woman in the town plaza one night, and is immediately drawn to “her”. Edilberto convinces Ignacio to continue pretending he's a girl so he can have a relationship with Ichiru and feed information about the Japanese to the Filipino rebels. Inya is alarmed that Edilberto would risk the life of Ignacio by forcing him to be a spy. Inya is also scared that Ichiru will soon realize that Ignacio isn't really a girl. But Inya's bigger fear is that the war is consuming Edilberto, who has lost interest in his wife and marriage, and is now a Japanese-slaying guerilla soldier. But Edilberto, Inya, and Ignacio aren't the only ones the war will change forever. Traitorous Japanese interpreter Maura (ANGELU DE LEON), strong-willed Tiyang Mabel (JACLYN JOSE), tough guy Anton (TJ TRINIDAD), and pure hearted Julia (IYA VILLANIA) also get caught in the winds of war, and find themselves doing things they never thought they'd do…all for the hope of living and dying another day.
Format  DVD
Director  Joel Lamangan
Categories  A-E, Drama, New Releases (Pinoy), Romance
Movie Time  135 minutes
Language  English Subtitles, Tagalog
Release Date  01/20/2009
Starring  Angelu De, Anita Linda, Dennis Trillo, Jacklyn Jose, Jay Manalo, Judy Ann, Marco Alcaraz, Raymart Santiago, Tony Mabesa, Y
Regular Price:  $24.95
Brand New Price:  $19.95
Stock Availability Not Available
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