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Home Catalog I Will Survive (DVD)
I Will Survive (DVD)
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I Will Survive (DVD)
I Will Survive This is the story of four friends-3 females and one gay, who all strive to be good mothers in the midst of a world of conflicts and cares. The movie opens during the fifth wedding of Ma'am Pearly, the adviser of the four, who are all members of a glee club during their college days. During the wedding Ma'am Pearly sings 'Awitin Mo at Isasayaw Ko.' After the wedding the group decided to hold a fundraising concert for their alma mater. The entire film then follows the rehearsals and the separate lives of the four friends as mothers. Cynthia has an oversexed son, and a husband who has stopped making love to her after 20 years. After several desperate attempts to catch his husband's attention she finally succeeds. But contracts STD from her husband. This leads to a resolution between husband and wife. Mylene is an overseas worker who decides to come home after six years. She finds out that her husband, also an overseas worker, has a mistress in the country he works in. She trails her husband, only to find out that the mistress just died. Her body is being brought back to five-year-old-son, who has never seen her at all. This leads Mylene to reexamine her worth both as a person and a mother. Louise is very pretty, her husband is very handsome-but their daughter is plain. Louise tries her best to make her daughter catch up with her in terms of looks. Which only makes the daughter rebel. In the end Louise learns that her daughter has the capacity to love more than her, and is in fact beautiful. Mandy, openly gay only to her friends, has cope with a son, 13-year-old Dindo, who starts suspecting that Mandy is gay. Mandy soon confesses the truth to Dindo, then sets out to look for Dindo's real mother. Only to find out that the mother does not care at all to see her son. Gay father and son has a tearful reconciliation. By the end of the film the concert pushes through and all the four friends sing 'I Will Survive'as a paean to their resolute belief in the power of life, love and maternity.
Format  DVD
Categories  Comedy, Drama, F-J
Movie Time  Unknown
Language  English
Release Date  Unknown
Starring  Dina Bonnevie, Eric Quizon, Jay Manalo, Judy Ann Santos, Maricel Soriano, Pilita Corrales, Reggie Curley, Richard Gutierrez, T.J. Trinidad, Tonton Gutierrez
Brand New Price:  $19.95
Stock Availability In Stock - Usually Ships in 24 hours
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