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Home Catalog Ka Hector (VCD)
Ka Hector (VCD)
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Ka Hector (VCD)
This is the story of Leopoldo ' Ka Hector' Mabilangan--head of the Quezon based NPA Banahaw Command. He got his name from a young boy who died in an encounter with the military. Like the other members who joined NPA, Ka Hector believes that they are fighting for the Filipino people whose rights were taken away after Marcos declared Martial Law. But who is the real Ka Hector? Is he the champion of the masses or an opportunist? Is he a man of a traitor to the movement?
Format  VCD
Director  Toto Natividad
Categories  Action, K-O
Movie Time  106 minutes
Language  Filipino
Release Date  12/01/1994
Starring  Dina Bonnevie, Philip Salvador
Brand New Price:  $14.95
Stock Availability In Stock - Usually Ships in 24 hours
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