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Home Catalog Kainan Sa Highway (VCD)
Kainan Sa Highway (VCD)
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Kainan Sa Highway (VCD)
A restaurant owned and managed by Marie and Bogart sells mouth watering food and succulent drink at an affordable price. But behind the railings of the restaurant 'KAINAN SA HIGHWAY' revealed a real service,marketing for fresh,young ladies who will give customers short time enjoyment and pleasures. Lolita ( Maye Tongco) is a typical prostitute,who sells flesh just to augment their daily living and Arturo (Ryan Munoz) her lover,works very hard as a jeepney driver just to give her a decent living. The two couple shares the same sentiments on ambition, love and lustful desires. Kainan Sa Highway is a story of survival,addiction for flesh and struggling for life.
Format  VCD
Categories  K-O, Rated-R
Movie Time  Unknown
Language  Filipino
Release Date  12/01/2003
Starring  Maye Tongco, Nika Madrid, Ryan Munoz
Brand New Price:  $14.95
Stock Availability In Stock - Usually Ships in 24 hours
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